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one of a pair of posts (usually joined by a crossbar) that are set up as a goal at each end of a playing field

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The problem is he'd love to move the goalposts - with a bulldozer.
They even have the cheek to try to move the goalposts so far that Morton - another well-supported team - have the chance to play in the higher league while the rest are left out as a result to this selfish act.
Eleven VCs from the conflict are on show in Brecon Military Museum, home of the Welsh Border Regiment that was formed two years after the Zulu Wars had ceased and the MoD decided to move the goalposts by merging various regiments.
If employees have a target and they are working hard to achieve, it cannot only be contractually dangerous to move the goalposts in mid-stream, it can also be seriously demotivating.
Nobody can give me an answer on how the Government can just move the goalposts.
PHOTOGRAPHER Neville Gabie has not needed to move the goalposts to produce a display with a difference.
Mr Hunt acted to move the goalposts after being defeated last year in the High Court.
The problem is that when they achieve their first goal they go on to move the goalposts and ultimately fail to achieve any lasting happiness.
We don't really move the goalposts because for us there are no goalposts.