movable feast

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a religious holiday that falls on different dates in different years

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Following this brief declaration of independence, and the strange feeling that accompanies it, the text provides a precise litany of steps detailing how Nick creates and then partakes in a movable feast of American road food:
THE date of Passover is variable as it is dependent on the phases of the moon, and thus Easter is also a movable feast.
MOVABLE Feast Arts are presenting Starry, Starry Night at 7.
As 501(c)3 charitable institutions, think tanks are not bound by hospitality restrictions, and so can offer public servants a movable feast of fancy policy-seminar lunches and all-expense-paid fact-finding trips to foreign countries.
His eighty-fifth birthday last May was a movable feast, celebrated in New York City, San Francisco.
His bicycle was his video camera's constant dolly as well as the wheels transporting him and his movable feast - on his back a rucksack of his own design contained a portable gas stove, cooking utensils, and food.
Midwest/Southeast: Monthly meals-on-wheels delivery for Project Open Hand, a nutritional supplement program, in Columbus, OH; preparing and delivering monthly meals for Movable Feast in Lexington, KY; decorating themed tables at a fundraising event in Dayton, OH; delivering meals for Aid Atlanta and funding and staffing the kitchen of Project Open Hand for an entire week, preparing 15,000 meals in Atlanta.
Where: The DEPOT, Dumballs Road, Cardiff, CF10 Street Food Circus What: A movable feast of artisan food traders, vintage trailers, chefs and mixologists.
After the roast and some special entertainment, there will be an auction for a movable feast that will include entertainment packages, such as a ride in a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department helicopter and a western barbecue with the evening's guest of honor.
King also supports such organizations as Movable Feast, feeding low-income individuals with HIV and AIDS.
You pluck whatever looks good to you from this movable feast and you pay a straight $2.