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Synonyms for mouthpiece



Synonyms for mouthpiece

a person who speaks on behalf of another or others

Synonyms for mouthpiece

a part that goes over or into the mouth of a person

an acoustic device

a spokesperson (as a lawyer)

(especially boxing) equipment that protects an athlete's mouth

the tube of a pipe or cigarette holder that a smoker holds in the mouth

the aperture of a wind instrument into which the player blows directly

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Voice recognition technology is not yet 'user-proof,' though it is getting better, and it can sometimes be frustrating to interact with -- especially when background noise is picked up by the phone's mouthpiece," Seybold writes.
Music, famous for his role as Carlton the Doorman from the "Rhoda" show, has been Garfield's mouthpiece since Garfield's first televised special, "Here Comes Garfield" (CBS) in 1983.
Sunday People Mouthpiece interviewed 574 readers aged 18-plus online.
2 ( ANI ): Senior advocate and women's rights activist Abha Singh today condemned the Shiv Sena for its editorial on rape cases published in it's mouthpiece 'Smna'.
That's why we've launched Mirror Mouthpiece, our own online research community, giving readers a chance to have their say on the future of the Sunday Mirror.
While wearing a mouthpiece in various contact sports was helpful in the past, FIT has invented a more improved tool to help athletes worldwide.
Bulgarian capital Sofiaas subway CEO Stoyan Bratoev has stated he has anothing to doa with the far-right partisan mouthpiece that was distributed as a afree newspaper.
Her previous job was mouthpiece and chief apologist for the British Bankers' Association.
com, with their FDA cleared, BPA-free VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece, has partnered with AffiliateManager.
Summary: In an interview to party mouthpiece Smna, Uddhav Thackeray urged the BJP to ensure that there was no repeat of situation like presidential election when BJP's last minute decision had led to a split in the NDA.
Designed to be easier to use than traditional forms of isolation, such as the rubber dam or manual suction and retraction, reliable isolation is now as quick and easy as selecting the correct size Isolite Mouthpiece for the patient.
But the mouthpiece became detached as she was blowing it up, flew into her throat and she vomited whole trying to dislodge it.
The patent-pending Guided Light Optics[TM] (GLO) technology uses heat and light built into a closed system mouthpiece to prevent whitening oxygens from escaping the surface of the teeth and to accelerate and stabilize the whitening results.
Now 43, Theo is making the perfect mouthpiece here in Bellingham, his hometown.