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But, in my view of the matter, the dragon is merely a pretty large serpent, who is not half so likely to snap me up at one mouthful as I am to cut off his ugly head, and strip the skin from his body.
And Orpheus (whose custom it was to set everything to music) began to harp and sing most gloriously, and made every mother's son of them feel as if nothing in this world were so delectable as to fight dragons, and nothing so truly honorable as to be eaten up at one mouthful, in case of the worst.
I have heard," rejoined the youth, "that a dragon lies beneath the tree on which the prize hangs, and that whoever approaches him runs the risk of being devoured at a mouthful.
And therefore, though he would gladly have seen Jason snapped up at a mouthful, he was resolved (and it was a very wrong thing of this wicked potentate) not to run any further risk of losing his beloved Fleece.
Indeed, it had heretofore been a great inconvenience to these poor animals, that, whenever they wished to eat a mouthful of grass, the fire out of their nostrils had shriveled it up, before they could manage to crop it.
It would grieve us to the heart, if you and your nine and forty brave companions should be eaten up, at fifty mouthfuls, by this execrable dragon.
The success of this scheme depended, it is true, on the doubtful point whether all the fifty heroes might not be snapped up, at so many mouthfuls, by the dragon.
So we crept into the cave, which did not appear to be very big, and huddling ourselves together for warmth, swallowed what remained of our brandy--barely a mouthful each--and tried to forget our miseries in sleep.
Again partaking of a few mouthfuls of the unsavory flesh of Ska, the vulture, the ape-man arose with something of his old force and set out with steady gait toward the hills of promise rising alluringly ahead.
said Ned Land, "the swallowing of some mouthfuls of sea-water?
for ages mouthful Doing that really is one of the simple pleasures of culinary life and we asked for a refill which arrived quickly.
That is the equivalent of PS120 for a mouthful of milk teeth.
Representatives of Mouthful, the a capella ensemble leading the project, will be at the town's fourth annual Food Festival on Sunday from 11.
A Mouthful of Stars: A Constellation of Favorite Recipes from my World Travels comes from a traveler who is always interested in local cuisines, and who here brings traditional recipes from around the world to home cooks interested in the flavors of North Africa, Paris, Norway and more.
SO far we've established that from now on you can eat whatever you want, when you want - so long as you fully enjoy each mouthful.