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  • verb

Synonyms for mourn

grieve for


  • grieve for
  • miss
  • lament
  • keen for
  • weep for
  • sorrow for
  • wail for
  • wear black for

Synonyms for mourn

to feel, show, or express grief

Words related to mourn

feel sadness

Related Words

observe the customs of mourning after the death of a loved one

References in classic literature ?
now they mourn indeed, Mopo," said Chaka in my ear; "now thy people mourn from the heart and not with the lips alone.
The nation mourns and joins the families and friends of our fallen heroes in their moment of sorrow,' it added.
On June 13, flags in government offices were at half-mast until June 16 to mourn and show respect for the victims of the Marawi siege.
At an order by HM the King, the Royal Court mourns late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
She mourns instead the stranger she is to herself, sitting up all night for stingy wages.
mourns the loss of your son, husband, father, brother.
The images, formative for the collective memory of a generation, were accompanied by the Serbian dirge "Smrt u Dalasu" (Death in Dallas) by Jozo Karamatic, who mourns in this speech-song the 1963 death of the American president.
A spiritually deadened person mourns over things that should bring celebration--and often celebrates things that should be mourned.
She mourns the untimely passing of the king, who died in the flower of his youth, and she curses the Fate Atropos for bringing an end to their "jeunes ans" of marriage.
Achilles mourns the irrecoverable loss of the man who signified/supplemented Achilles by repeating "his" marks.
It is traditional to read the Book of Lamentations, which mourns the destruction of the first Temple.
Another text says the soul mourns the body for seven days, for "it cannot quit what it loves"; spirit laments matter, and misses it.
Beloved shatters that defense; she taker, Sethe deep into the truth that, until she mourns, she is still a slave.
While we can mourn the loss of any child, the mother needed to take responsibility for her son and make sure he was in bed and asleep during those pre-dawn hours.