mourning ring

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a ring worn as a memorial to a dead person

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A post-medieval gold mourning ring, found at Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire in May 2013 has a stylized skull on outside of the hoop.
A post-medi-mourning ring, Kidwelly; a gold ring Hundleton, and a found at "The skull/death's head on the Hundleton and Kidwelly rings is a motif which occurs on the earliest mourning rings, dating to the 15th century, and the motif remained popular thought the 17th century.
Among the items taken was jewellery of great sentimental value - in particular a Victorian mourning ring, engraved "William Emerson 1854" and a gold signet ring engraved "JK".
The Mourning Ring was punctuated by the ferocious music of bagpipe, fife and gigantic lambeg drum, instruments often used as newscast symbols of sectarian loyalist triumphalism, but here restored to a more complex history, the huge music roaring through the audience to the soles of their feet.
And a George I gold and enamel mourning ring with an inscription referring to the death of Dame Mary Dashwood on December 3, 1719 (estimate pounds 150/pounds 200).
It was advice her parents, who owned a collection of Victorian mourning rings, lived by, and perhaps part of what attracted her to gemmology.
The display concludes with Shakespeare's will and mourning rings similar to those that he bequeathed to friends in both Stratford and London.
Furniture, clocks and watches, jewellery (including some exquisitely beautiful mourning rings in black enamel and gold) paintings, prints, books and silver were all offered and made excellent prices at a well-attended event.
Rather than focusing on visible and ostentatious displays of jewels like diamond buckles, her comparative study on mourning rings and night earrings relates consumption to the intense privatization of eighteenth-century life and suggests that "the ultimate in luxurious consumption" consists of great expenditures on items for private use (138).
It was customary to give away mourning rings or gloves at funerals.
Mourning rings were worn in memory of someone who had died and they often bore the name and date of death of the person or a motto.