mountain trail

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a trail through mountainous country

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Within about six months, he found himself in marathon events, running on trails exclusively, with mountain trails the preference, often with Clarice, the family shelter dog.
Horses, mules and donkeys will maneuver over mountain trail obstacles.
Carl Rawes has set off on the 2,186-mile US Appalachian Mountain Trail
Today, competitors will complete a mountain trail run taking in steep ascents and descents over a distance of 11km.
The trek takes place along the Lebanon Mountain Trail, a 440-kilometer distance that extends from Qobeiyat in the north of Lebanon to Marjayoun in the south, passing through 75 villages and towns.
Irish travel writer Murphy (also known for her advocacy against nuclear power and her writing on race relations) was in her 30s in 1966 when she journeyed alone from the Red Sea through the mountains of Ethiopia on a pack mule, a trip of 1,000 miles of mountain trail, parts of it without maps.
He passed the fourth checkpoint on the mountain trail but did not reach the fifth, race organisers said.
I will think of it each time I am stumbling down a high mountain trail with a hefty load of elk or mule deer meat in my pack.
In addition to trail guide services, the interactive opportunities provided by the online "community" allow users to view and post reports on current mountain trail conditions, share photographs, volunteer and even keep track of personal progress towards becoming a member of the White Mountain Four Thousand Footer Club.
But as they hike further and further up the forbidding mountain trail, they become more and more aware of the danger that they have entered.
Desire for ever-greater utility has created a cottage industry in storage space, third-row seating, and dual-use vehicles that never see a dirt road much less a mountain trail.
Roy Henry Gilbert was traveling west on Mountain Trail Street about 10:30 p.
Also provided are some 200 city, coastal, and mountain trail bike ride routes; strolls through dozens of area cultural and historical attractions including gardens, downtown streets and ethnic neighborhoods; there are even places to to walk with a baby stroller, as well as a special "Trailblazer Kids" section.
Fifty-five delegates from 15 countries, including government and tourism officials, environmental consultants, and local stakeholders, trekked the steep, winding mountain trail to Namche Bazaar (elevation 3,450 meters) to present and discuss academic papers on the natural and cultural preservation of remote mountain 'destinations and the development of mountain tourism.
Many blind travelers enjoy hiking through a wood or along a rugged mountain trail.