mountain tent

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a lightweight tent with a floor

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Amenities consisted of my one-man mountain tent, goose-down sleeping bag, 10 packages of Mountain House freeze-dried chow, a stainless steel pot for heating water over wood, a handful of tea bags, two large Ziploc bags crammed with trail mix, and a pocketful of jerky.
The Y2K Bunker Contest Grand Prize winner can hunker down with prizes including a mountain tent, sleeping bag, mountain bike, inflatable couch and solar radio, while imbibing a year's supply of SPAM(TM) or Twinkies(TM), in addition to the winner's favorite soft drink and snack food.
Digs are sturdy mountain tents, as well as the ger camps of nomadic Kazakhs.
Outdoor Megastore also has one of the largest displays of back packing equipment and mountain tents in the UK, perfect for anyone doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
They will sleep in mountain tents and igloos and will be trained to survive in snow holes.
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