mountain sheep

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Mountain Sheep focuses on creating games with original IP.
Survivorship and cause-specific mortality in sympatric populations of mountain sheep and mule deer.
Right off the bat, our rules eliminate mountain sheep, Canada and Shiras moose, Canada caribou, muskoxen, mountain goats, big bears and California's Tule elk.
During the video, Parvanov is the first to take a shot; he fails to kill Stanishev even though he imagines him as an argali, a mountain sheep.
Worth seeing are the Welsh mountain sheep and ponies and the breathtaking waterfalls.
The living history farm boasts a wide-variety of rare-breeds such as Cotswold Sheep, Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, Herdwick Sheep, Wiltshire Horns, Manx Loghtan and Ben the Portland Ram.
He visits Pen y Bryn, Penmachno, near Betws-y-Coed, to meet Cyril and Hefina Lewis, who have been prominent in the Welsh mountain sheep sector for many years.
Part of the "Nature Babies" series by the prolific team of author Aubrey Lang and wildlife photographer Wayne Lynch, Baby Mountain Sheep is a children's picturebook featuring gorgeous color photography of mountain sheep and amazing true facts about their life cycle.
Fie looks particularly at the case of Stoney Joe who was charged with killing a mountain sheep.
This Welsh mountain sheep went under the clippers of David James, a lecturer at Kirkley Hall Agricultural College in Northumberland.
She said: ''The goal of Adopt A Sheep is to preserve the Irish heritage of mountain sheep living in the mountains in the scenic area of Moll's Gap on the Ring of Kerry.
But angry farmers claim that traditional mountain sheep were used to keep the grass in remote areas under control.
Today, a few yak, gazelle, and mountain sheep make up the wildlife at that altitude, but there's far less diversity than at lower altitudes.
Persistence of mountain sheep populations in Arizona.
During that time he won numerous classes with his Swaledale, Scottish Blackface, South Country Cheviot and Mule sheep and his greatest achievement was when he was awarded the reserve mountain sheep championship, with a Cheviot lamb.