mountain rice

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valuable forage grass of dry upland areas and plains of western North America to northern Mexico

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It will send experts to help introduce a progressive system of mountain rice production that includes the mechanization of agriculture, soil erosion prevention techniques, and the introduction of drought resistance rice varieties.
Historically, they moved across the mountains methodically by slashing and burning, planting mountain rice, and staying while the soil remained fertile.
It was served with mountain rice, stuffed squash flowers and avocado.
Some must-try rice dishes are Norwegian Cut Salmon served with cilantro heirloom rice and fresh basil pesto, Grilled Mixed Seafood with heirloom rice pilaf and corn on the cob, Miso-Glazed Black Cod paired with cilantro-infused red mountain rice, and Duo of Beef which is a combination of braised USDA short ribs and grilled wagyu hanger steak with heirloom rice pilaf.
The North Luzon booth served kiniing-inapoy binungen, a sushi roll made of Cordillera sticky mountain rice, kiniing or smoked pork, and strips of cucumber, egg and lettuce, a recipe by chef Charlynne M.