mountain quail

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Families found in flocks of 60 to 80; covey sizes of mountain quail are 10 to 15.
In fact, Oakridge holds the all-time record for mountain quail sightings with one historic count totalling 230 birds, Geier said.
Hunters average about 50,000 pheasants, 92,000 California quail and 36,000 mountain quail a year.
Bird hunters, meanwhile, are again being asked to provide the wings and tails of harvested grouse and mountain quail.
The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission recently set 2008-09 regulations for hunting upland birds (pheasant, forest grouse, chukar, pheasant, California quail, mountain quail, sage grouse and turkey).
Mountain quail, Virginia rail, pileated woodpecker, sooty shear-
Fairly high numbers of forest grouse and mountain quail were seen in summer brood surveys, so the forecast looks good.
Meanwhile, "both valley and mountain quail are also plentiful" throughout the state.
Grouse and mountain quail remain "an underutilized resource" in Western Oregon, Castillo said, mostly because they are difficult to hunt.
State biologists are proposing that the seasons for California Quail, Mountain Quail, and Blue and Ruffed Grouse all be extended to Jan.
Thursday's agenda includes discussions of a mountain quail project, black-tailed deer hunting seasons for 2004, ODFW's budget, draft management plans for bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goats and a pilot project in southwest Oregon on landowner preference for big game hunting.
There's more grouse and mountain quail around than we've seen for many years," said Bill Castillo, an ODFW wildlife biologist in Springfield.
The project involves an attempt to restore mountain quail to their historic range east of the Cascades.
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