mountain peak

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the summit of a mountain

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Up among the mountain peaks in our canton they cling to customs that bear the impress of an older time, and that vaguely recall scenes in the Bible.
World's second highest mountain peak K2 is located in Pakistan.
Summary: New Delhi [India] September 28, (ANI): An Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer of Uttar Pradesh Cadre, Aparna Kumar on Thursday became the first Indian woman to scale Mount Manaslu, which is the eighth highest mountain peak in the world.
According to Radio Pakistan, she had proudly raised the flags of Pakistan and the United Kingdom on the K-2 peak, which is the second tallest mountain peak in the world.
Yr Aran is a mountain peak on a ridge south of Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.
Banahaw has warned pilgrims and mountaineers against groups offering unrestricted climbs to the mountain peak this Holy Week for a fee.
Then you are in for a treat; Mountain Peak Peril is a really exciting way of learning about geography for children aged 7 onwards.
Jebel Shams is the highest mountain peak in the Arabian Gulf region, with a height exceeding 3,000 meters above the sea level.
So I never give scratch depth, only give the amount to remove from the mountain peak to touch the bottom of the valley.
The army's control over the Zagharou mountain peak is seen to carry much strategic importance as it has been under the control of the militants for more than two years now.
A journalist, wearing slippers to protect the glass floor, stands in the 'Step into the Void' installation, a new five-sided glass structure at the top of the Alps, during a press visit to the Aiguille du Midi mountain peak above Chamonix.
YOUNG farmers have conquered another mountain peak in a year-long quest to raise money for charity.
Operational and technical equipment for tunnel traffic peak Mountain, BW T C01/18 : In the course of the four-lane construction of the A44 between Kassel and Wommen the production of the tunnel mountain peak of construction and 46 km 45 +775.
The refreshed identity retains the mountain peak concept from CIMA's prior identity but expands it to a double-summit icon, which illustrates the bond that brokers share with the network of business partners, clients and communities they serve and support.
If it seems that we are experiencing one valley after another, bask in the idea of how good it's going to feel when we get to experience a mountain peak again.