mountain nyala

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shaggy antelope of mountains of Ethiopia

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In the case of the mountain nyala, the current license is $15,000, payable up front, and there is no reclama.
It was a good move, and I'd have done the same, but as one of our guys circled ahead to take a position on the far ridge, two mountain nyala skylined on that very ridge.
But the mountain nyala is as tough as they come, and African rules apply: A drop of blood after a shot, and an expensive license is filled and the safari is over.
The name implies that the two are closely related, but the nyala is separated from the mountain nyala by several thousand miles; their habitats are different, their color is different and their body shape is different.
The mountain nyala has never existed outside of the mountains of southcentral Ethiopia: the Arussi Mountains, the Bale Mountains, the Cher Chers, the Din Dins.
But in 1993 his mountain nyala area was in trouble.
Ostensibly it was so game counts could be made and outfitter concessions reallocated, but months stretched into years, and over time my small mountain nyala looked better and better.
In 1999, four of Negussie's five hunters took mountain nyala, the fifth wounded and lost.
Camp sat at about 11,000 feet elevation, and they had seen mountain nyala from camp.
The mountain nyala country is high, has no roads, and the animals are thinly dispersed in this difficult country.
They looked good, but this was the biggest mountain nyala I had ever seen.
A whoop sounded, and we went down to look at the biggest mountain nyala taken in more than 12 years, a thick-homed, huge-bodied old bull that the taxidermist in Addis described as "a mountain nyala of yesterday.
This is why it was so late in the exploration era before the mountain nyala was identified.
the latter days of Haile Selassies reign probably saw the best mountain nyala hunting.
Boddington's dream mountain nyala, taken with a single 220-grain Sierra from his 8mm Rem.