mountain maple

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small shrubby maple of eastern North America

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05); and striped maple, beaked hazel, and mountain maple were browsed in proportion to their availability (P > 0.
Browsing intensities for eastern hemlock, red maple, balsam fir, striped maple, beaked hazel, mountain maple, and sugar maple were highly consistent (r > 0.
Balsam fir and mountain maple ranked third and fifth, respectively, in their contribution to moose diets, as was found in southwestern Quebec (Joyal 1976, Crete and Jordan 1982) and northeastern Minnesota (Peek et al.
Sugar maple, beaked hazel, mountain maple, and mountain ash were not browsed intensively, and should be considered marginal browse species.
Bergerud and Manuel (1968) reported that in Newfoundland white birch (Betula papyrifera) and mountain maple decreased in abundance in areas of excessive moose browsing.
Canada yew, white birch, and mountain maple accounted for only 2.
Mountain maple availability significantly decreased (P < 0.
Mean stem density of Canada yew and mountain maple in the Western Newfoundland ecoregion in 1977 was similar to that of sites outside the Park but was significantly lower (P = 0.
Cumming (1987) found moose browsed 22 of 33 species encountered during 51 browse surveys from 1955-1970 in Ontario, and beaked hazelnut and mountain maple composed 61.
Canada yew, mountain maple, white birch, chuckley pear, and ovalleaf bilberry were browsed in significantly greater proportions than their relative availability in 1977.
The Wichita Mountain maples, were they the bigtooth variety, would have had to take a flying leap over the eastern New Mexico plains, the Texas panhandle, and the mesquite country of western Oklahoma before reappearing in the Wichitas.