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a man who lives on the frontier

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To write accurately about Royce Coleman's life as a mountain man, Rogers did extensive research into the lives and adventures of the real mountain men of the 1820s and 30s, reading several of the actual journals the explorers and trappers kept as they opened the American frontier.
Obviously, Mountain Man lives on top of a mountain.
Munro: Mountain Man BBC2, Wednesday, 7pm Nicholas Crane visits Scotland's most impressive peaks as he unravels a tale of intrigue behind the naming of the world-famous Munro mountains by Victorian adventurer Hugh Munro.
There was no craft and no skill at which the mountain man did not come to excel the Indian.
Relating events from drunken episodes to moments of violence (including numerous scrapes with the law and being sent to prison twice) to his relationships with his two wives, Beech Mountain Man tells the story of a rugged, hardy individual who didn't always fit in with society's rules and regulations.
Mountain man Tim, from Halesowen, has just completed the last of 527 peaks across Scotland, all mountains of 3,000ft or more.
Herndon has been a Mountain Man since the group's beginnings in the early 1980s.
Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Company is the premier route sales business of its kind in 27 states.
Frontier also offers a selection of snack mixes from Colorado-based Mountain Man and Udi's Granola for USD3.
When Brosnan's solitary mountain man Gideon is unceremoniously shot, falls down a snowy hillside and nearly drowns in a rushing river, we wonder what kind of villains would do this to him.
From Slave to Superstar of the Wild West: The Awesome Story of Jim Beckwourth is the incredible true-life story of a biracial ex-slave turned American mountain man who lived over 200 years ago.
An orphaned boy named Charlie cares for his dying grandpa, wondering how he will survive the winter; as the first storm of the season comes, so too comes help in the form of an unknown mountain man who appears at the isolated ranch.
The debut western novel of author Steven Merrill Ulmen, Toby Ryker is the story of a colorful, likeable old ex- cavalry scout, and former mountain man who drifts into Laramie, Wyoming, only to get himself involved in a saloon brawl (which he stirred up just for the fun of it
Thank you for a really interesting article on mountaineer Alan Hinkes (8,000 metre mountain man, December 2005).