mountain laurel

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a North American evergreen shrub having glossy leaves and white or rose-colored flowers

Pacific coast tree having aromatic foliage and small umbellate flowers followed by olivelike fruit

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Adults reportedly feed on the flowers and foliage of Rosaceae and Ericaceae, including peach, rose, and mountain laurel, and have been collected on azalea (Selander 1960).
She is the first girl to be admitted to Mountain Laurel and so she is alone amidst a number of troubled boys.
These are in the family of evergreens including rhododendrons, mountain laurel, and hemlock species.
The Mary Maples Dunn Garden was dedicated in 2001, and the diverse garden contains heath, heather, mountain laurel, flowering bulbs, small annuals, rhododendrons and 19 other species.
This was natural in a girl that followed the game trails of deer through the thick forest floor tangle of mountain laurel and wild azalea.
There, the pathogen readily attacked a mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia `Madeline'), mountain andromeda (Pieris floribunda), dusty zenobia (Zenobia pulverulenta), and the common nursery rhododendron `Nova Zembla.
In the Northeast, mountain laurel and thornapple thickets, cattails and swamp grasses offer ideal cover.
Myrtle, acacia burl, California laurel, California bay tree, green bay tree, California olive, California sassafras, Pacific myrtle, mountain laurel, pepperwood, spice-tree and bay tree.
This study was carried out on Dugger Mountain (NE Alabama, USA) at the southern terminus of the Appalachians to evaluate the spectral properties of Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) throughout the four seasons.
The plant in question is the Mountain Laurel or Kalmia and comes in many beautiful forms from white, through to red and with most attractive markings and stamens.
It's an easy walk from the Magic Shop and Mountain Laurel Mercantile in the Village to the Country Cookout Pavilion and the battling dodge-em cars of Dolly's Demolition Derby.
The woodlands are spectacular, dotted with mountain laurel and wild orchids, and the trail meanders along the banks of swift-running Trunk Branch Creek, which gives way to small waterfalls with mesmerizing sounds.
Going by the suggestions of the township planning commission, the supervisors sanctioned a subdivision for stages 2 and 4 of the Villas at Grayhawk residential community close to Charter Oak and an upgraded site plan for Excela Square at Latrobe, an ambulatory care center scheduled for developed between the Mountain Laurel and Wildcat Commons plazas.
Attorney Booth Goodwin said February 25 that Ronald Barnette, 54, was recently sentenced to three years of probation, including six months of home confinement, along with a $20,000 fine for lying about paying kickbacks at Arch Coal's Mountain Laurel mining complex.
An operating business of Interval Leisure Group (Nasdaq:IILG), Aston Hotels & Resorts disclosed today that it signed property management agreements with Split Rock Resort & Golf Club and the Mountain Laurel Resort & Spa in the Pocono Mountains region of Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania.
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