mountain hemlock

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large evergreen of western United States

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ASTM D2555, however, only reports eastern and mountain hemlock results for the United States and western and mountain hemlock results for Canada.
However, since Alaska is a part of the United States, small, clear values for hemlock harvested in Alaska must be taken from Table 2 in ASTM D2555, which lists values for only eastern and mountain hemlock.
mountain hemlock indicates that the estimated UTS currently in use significantly underestimates (Prob > t less than 0.
Some tree species, for example mountain hemlock (Peterson and Peterson, 2001), may likewise form narrow rings during years when the snowpack is thick and lingers late into the summer.
Subalpine fir and mountain hemlock, for example, can attain ages of about 300 and 900 years, respectively.
Mountain hemlock ring-width chronologies can also be correlated over much of the Pacific Northwest, including Garibaldi Park (Gedalof and Smith, 2001), which allows us to apply them in our study.
Open alpine terrain like this is rare in the Diamond Peak Wilderness, where dense mountain hemlock forests block most views.
Then the path enters old-growth mountain hemlock woods with blue huckleberry bushes.
The dense mountain hemlock and lodgepole pine trees here are mostly the same height and size.
Mountain hemlocks and lodgepole pines have adapted to fire by becoming masters at reseeding.
The 84-page guide will help you distinguish mountain hemlock from western hemlock, and from 155 other species of trees found in the West.
The Kelsay Fire, sparked by lightning Sunday, is eating through mountain hemlock, lodgepole pine, Shasta red fir, white fir and grouse huckleberry in the Umpqua National Forest about three miles north of Lemolo Lake and 12 miles north of Diamond Lake.
Topics include "Fire and Fungus in Waldo Lake Mountain Hemlock Forests" (Aug.
One of those key resources," he said, "is that extraordinary experience of standing on the rim, looking down at that lake, unobstructed in the dead of quiet - the only sound is the rustle in the pines and the mountain hemlocks and the Clark's nutcrackers.