mountain climber

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someone who climbs mountains

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The injured Russian mountain climber was taken to a base and then to a hospital in Bishkek.
The mountain climber also gives a great core workout and key to performing the exercise effectively is engaging the muscles of the core (tummy, waist and muscles surrounding the hips) in order to prevent the torso from sagging.
Dalia held the stop watch while I dropped and gave her 20 burpees and mountain climbers.
A MOUNTAIN climber has been airlifted to hospital after suffering head and leg injuries in a fall.
Death on the mountain: Leyla Esfandiari (photo), a microbiologist and an accomplished mountain climber, was killed last month descending a mountain in Pakistan.
Summary: 127 Hours star James Franco found the perfect way to get into character for his part as real life mountain climber Aron Ralston.
However, the surface is not compatible with the new incline and resembles a Lake District scree field and requires the agility of an ardent mountain climber or a dog.
Shawn Higgins, a representative of Mountain Climber LLC, the company that bought the smokestack and Heywood Place, a 171-apartment and 15-office complex on Lake Street, said the smokestack is coming down for safety reasons.
A MOUNTAIN climber was airlifted to hospital yesterday after suffering back injuries in a fall in Northumberland .
EVERY MOUNTAIN climber needs a veteran "sherpa" to help him or her reach the destination.
Written by experienced winter mountain climber Hubert A.
He became a world-class mountain climber at a young age and then entered the world of climbing equipment, specializing in equipment that produced less environmental damage than any other on the market.
Kids read these CHOOSE books because they are the hero of the story, the pilot in command, the surgeon at the operating table, the famous mountain climber, detective, scientist.
There are two Eagle Scouts, including Garner Kropp, who loves to run cross country and won three blue ribbons at the county fair for baking, and Ziad Shahin, a mountain climber.
Today Joe Rea, 40, is an asthma-free mountain climber, and Rea's team of environmental health experts treats patients from all over the world.