mountain bike

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a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires

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May 18 -- Bikers Edge Winsted Woods Mountain Bike Race, Gilbert School, Winsted, Conn.
The park was built through a partnership between the non-profit Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and King County Parks.
My mountain bike fitness levels are improving on every course," said Paddy.
Establishing the Mount Lofty Ranges as an international mountain bike destination will help South Australia join the ranks of the world s popular mountain bike centres, like Mt Buller in Victoria and Rotorua in New Zealand.
The UK Mountain Bike Conference is at Kielder Water and Forest Park
Kirsten Henderson drove from Seattle to Bellingham regularly to mountain bike before she moved to town for a job as operations manager at Fanatik Bike Co.
MiSCA was founded in 2010 and is the premier scholastic cycling organization in the state of Michigan that puts on mountain bike races just for students.
All eyes are on the Nedbank Mountain bike challenge which is still relatively new in the game.
They're geared towards getting kids into competition, giving them race skills and teaching them fundamental mountain bike skills.
The mountain bike trail created for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will open early to the public next spring.
In fact, we have already been voted within the top 10 mountain bike destinations in the world.
WITH an abundance of off-road routes and rough terrain, Wales is an ideal place for getting the most from a mountain bike.
She moved to Colorado in 2004 to train on the state's many mountain bike trails.
THE Garda's Mountain Bike Unit is to expand by a third from 130 to 489, it emerged yesterday.