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Synonyms for mouldy

Synonyms for mouldy

covered with or smelling of mold


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His task, it seemed, was to tend the fire, and while he blinked at them he added to it a handful of dead and mouldy wood.
Conceive his new position, for I lack words to picture it; conceive him condemned to return to that house, from the very thought of which his soul revolted, and once more to expose himself to capture on the very scene of the misdeed: conceive him linked to the mouldy cab and the familiar cabman.
Don't put out too much food If food turns mouldy or stale on your bird table, you are probably putting out too much for the birds to eat in one day.
Q MY tulips have been a great disappointment this year, with scorched, twisted leaves and mouldy blooms.
It found 110,000 are in damp and mouldy homes, 140,000 are in cold homes and 75,000 are in homes that are both cold and mouldy.
And it was her honky-tonk keyboard skills that dominated smash hit Mouldy Old Dough, a single that quickly established itself as a pop anthem.
A HOTEL popular for weddings has been hit with a fine after inspectors found putrefying salmon, mouldy coleslaw and raw and cooked meat stored together.
The bread is green and mouldy, the cheese smells like bad feet and everything in the fridge is well past its best.
A TEENAGE bride was left in floods of tears after hotel staff cut into her wedding cake - and found it appeared to be mouldy.
EATING a mouldy blue cheese could keep us looking young and cut the risk of heart disease and arthritis.
Spiders' webs to stop bleeding, Nick, and mouldy bread to draw out bad humours -" He came to himself for a moment and grabbed O'Dowd's arm.
As I write, I have just thrown out a pack of strawberries bought only a day earlier, because they have gone mouldy.
Lieutenant Pigeon may have been a one-hit wonder in the 1970s with Mouldy Old Dough, but he's struck the target time after time this decade with his mouldy old poop.
Chris Frear, of restoration firm Precious Voices in Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, said: "We used to get one or two cases a year, now 10 per cent of all the work sent to us is mouldy.
Hygiene inspectors found dirty surfaces, greasy equipment and mouldy food when they raided Pontins in Southport last September, a court heard.