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Soil Adhesion Preventing Mechanism of Bionic Buldozing Plates and Mouldboard Ploughs.
Moreover, the conventional soil tillage with mouldboard plough also emits into the atmosphere important quantities of C[O.
2] in the top 15 cm soil layer in comparison with mouldboard plough.
Determination of the Performance of Shallow, High - Speed Mouldboard Ploughs.
The surfaces of bulldozing plates and mouldboard ploughs were modified according to the surface morphology of dung beetle.
The draft of mouldboard ploughs varied with the type of modification and coating applied on their surfaces.
1]) for basic soil preparation with mouldboard plough and harrow, 32 % (59.
The unsmoothed mouldboard plough surfaces by UHME-PE convexes improved soil scouring and reduced the draft by 25% and 30% at 3.
Qaisrani (1993) and Tong (1992) found that spherical convexes made from Ultra High Molecular Weight--Poly Ethylene (UHMW-PE) reduced the adhesive forces and improved the scouring properties of bionic bulldozing plates and mouldboard ploughs.
15m depth by an animal-drawn single-furrow mouldboard plough, but animals were replaced by a small (18kW) tractor in 2000.
25-m-deep primary tillage with a 3-furrow mouldboard plough, followed by a smoothing pass with a float before seeding.
Current cropping systems rely on conventional mouldboard plough tillage but suffer from soil structural degradation, and poor fertility, resulting in low water use efficiency and decreased crop yields (Gao et al.
A mouldboard plough is commonly used to plough soil prior to sowing new pasture seed because it breaks up the soil and inverts the furrow (McLaren and Cameron 1996).
to assess experimentally tillage erosion intensity associated with the most important tillage implement, mouldboard plough, by deriving tillage translocation and soil flux coefficients, and comparing them with published values;