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wedge formed by the curved part of a steel plow blade that turns the furrow

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The mouldboard pitches, tilts, and moves laterally to match any site demand.
The first type was worked by heavy mouldboard ploughs pulled by several pairs of oxen (type 2 terraces).
These findings give support to the conversion from CT to RT in Lithuania where the conventional mouldboard ploughing is still the predominant method of clay loam soil tillage.
A method of Analysis of Plough Mouldboard Design Based upon Dynamic Properties of Soil Agricultural Engineering, 13, 279-285.
Moreover, the conventional soil tillage with mouldboard plough also emits into the atmosphere important quantities of C[O.
Determination of the Performance of Shallow, High - Speed Mouldboard Ploughs.
2007) ("The large gaseous losses of soil carbon following mouldboard ploughing compared with relatively small losses with no-tillage.
RENOVATION odsnieznych mouldboard plows - located in the Region of Chelm, ZamoscPart 2.
2010) observed no differences in productivity on a silty clay loam when utilising chisel, disc and mouldboard tillage.
The surfaces of bulldozing plates and mouldboard ploughs were modified according to the surface morphology of dung beetle.
In this regard the subsoil could be used to improve the permeability and tilth of the topsoil and subsurface by inverting the profile using a mouldboard plough.
The conventional tillage (CT) system is based on a high intensity of soil engagement and inversion of the soil with mouldboard plough (Fig.
Before the advent of the mouldboard plough, agricultural mechanisation and upland irrigation techniques, floodplain soils were the principal agricultural resource (Sallares 1991).
In terms of durability, bear in mind that the degree of wear will vary across the mouldboard, so components that provide thicker steel on the forward part should wear more evenly and last longer.
TT consists of a primary tillage pass performed with mouldboard, disc or chisel ploughs, and several secondary tillage passes performed by disc harrows or cultivators to reduce clod size.