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someone who talks incessantly

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RING OF CONFIDENCE Girlie Show motormouth Sara Cox proves yet again that she's a girl with few hang-ups
Tucker's motormouth character grows tiresome after half an hour, but the talented funnyman can't be faulted for trying to carry a film with such a ludicrous plot.
The latest sizzling tale from Albert Square is set to leave motormouth Tiff speechless.
The motormouth even admitted it and boasted he wanted blacked-out windows so he won't be caught again.
The motormouth won over critics when he was a surprise hit at the bash this year.
Looks like EastEnders' motormouth 'Fat Pat', actress Pam St Clement, is having a bit of trouble with her spare tyre.
Radio motormouth Danny Baker has been interviewed by police after Spurs complained about remarks made on his Radio 5 Live show.
The man who made Clinton a winner was in exile, a motormouth, disgraced satyr.
Motormouth Findlay wouldn't hear of defeat for his eight-year-old in the Clash Of The Titans with stablemate and reigning champion Kauto Star, booming: "We told everyone he would win the Gold Cup when he was 100-1.
CLIFF Richard could be set for a shock return to Radio 1 - thanks to motormouth Chris Moyles.
CAR-CRAZY motormouth Jeremy Clarkson is best known for his witty descriptions of some of the most expensive machines on the road, such as Ferraris and TVRs.
Actress and dancer Shilpa, 32 wowed the nation with the dignified way she handled the race row on last year's C4 show - sparked by motormouth WAG Danielle, Jade Goody and S Club 7's Jo O'Meara.
The fight broke out after Radio 1 fan Bill switched their workshop radio over to motormouth DJ Chris Moyles.
But it all just adds to his reputation as the ultimate motormouth.
THE motormouth comic is renowned for raising as many gasps as laughs and he didn't disappoint last night.