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someone who talks incessantly

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So when she was asked to reprise the role of Motormouth Maybelle, the warm-hearted woman whose record shop is a meeting place for people of all backgrounds, she jumnped at the chance.
Her Twitter revelation drew a supportive response from Hairspray co-star Tony Maudsley, from TV show Benidorm, who declared: "If cancer thinks it stands a chance against our Motormouth, it should think again
Woods witnessed Tarver's motormouth style at first hand at the final press conference yesterday, and stressed: "I can't afford to think Tarver has lost his appetite.
To The Angry Evangelist is an answer to hellfire and damnation preachers, and 9 Hrs To Go is a thoroughly contemporary road song rhyming motormouth cocky with lesbian street hockey.
MOTORMOUTH Argy and adopted Italian Mauro Camoranesi has taken the tried and trusted route of guaranteeing you get a transfer from a club you are unhappy at.
David Davies, the motormouth MP for Monmouth - and the man who sat in for this columnist last year and took a whole week to get his first Press Complaints Commission letter - is back on form.
Would you like to hear Lorelai's motormouth banter for one more season, or would you tell her, "Here's your hat; what's your hurry?
Stallworth knew he was stepping into some big shoes as the replacement for motormouth Terrell Owens, and although it was against lowly Houston, a haul of 141 yards including a 42-yard TD was a promising return.
Yet doesn't Britain's top motormouth Jeremy Clarkson say: "No real man ever reads a manual"?
Lest the show rewrite history by suggesting that one brave white girl brought about integration, Hairspray reserves the climactic 11 o'clock number for Motormouth Maybelle, the charismatic, rhyme-talking record shop owner played by Mary Bond Davis.
1) Zippy, the motormouth puppet star of kids TV, leads a new Marmite love it/hate it ad series from Monday (February 4), as part of a 3m [pounds sterling] push to celebrate the brand's centenary.
Your reputation as a master motormouth has served you fairly well in your career climb.
MOTORMOUTH Chris Evans's luck has come to the end of the road after his car crash Top Gear.
RADIO 1's Chris Moyles is going from saviour to villain - by playing King Herod in stage musical Jesus Christ Superstar in a new production heading to Birmingham The unlikely casting will see the breakfast show motormouth making his major debut in the Andrew Lloyd Webber production which will tour arenas later this year.
MOTORMOUTH star Jeremy Clarkson should not moan over the backlash his comments provoke, says pal Richard Hammond.