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Synonyms for motorist

a person who operates a motor vehicle

Synonyms for motorist

someone who drives (or travels in) an automobile


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Typically when people refer to uninsured motorist, they're referring to uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage (also known as UM or UMBI).
The evidence presented by the motorist showed that the County issued over a half a million citations in approximately two and a half years.
For example of the speed limit displayed on road is 100 a motorist can go up to 120, he will get a fine if he exceeds," informed Al Banna, adding that there is no plan to change the speed limits.
If you are not careful, it is very easy to get hit by a careless motorist who is cutting across to the left from the right," he said while adding that law abiding motorists end up in risky situations for no fault of theirs.
Roads Minister Stephen Hammond sets out proposals for better and quicker services for Northern Ireland motorists.
Hamad Adeel Al Shamsi, director of the Department of Traffic and Patrols of Abu Dhabi police, said that when a motorist accumulated 24 traffic points, his license is withdrawn.
Further examples of the contradictory nature of the modern motorist were also revealed in the fifth annual Admiral Drivers' Survey, which is published today.
LANCASTER -- One motorist was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and 16 vehicles were taken from motorists driving without licenses or on suspended licenses during a five-hour checkpoint, deputies said.
Eleanor Kitzman, chairwoman of the Uninsured Motorist Working Group and South Carolina's insurance director, said the database still is on the table, noting the group plans to host presentations at the NAIC's Summer National Meeting on the matter.
To begin with, police in states that require adults to use helmets have the authority to stop a motorcyclist simply for failing to wear one, while police in most states still need some other reason to stop a motorist before they can cite him for not buckling up.
In Toledo, Ohio, less than a decade ago a steel coil broke loose from the flatbed trailer that was hauling it, killing a trailing motorist.
Motorists accuse the government of milking the motorist once again.
Although this waste of fuel dirties the air and costs the motorist money, many people don't recognize signs that a tune-up is long overdue.
This report includes behavioral analysis of a motorist in the Netherlands.
Even if you are doing 100km on the fast lane, some motorists approach at breakneck speed, with headlights flashing and forcing you to swerve to the right," a motorist observed.