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equipped with a motor or motors

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There is also a motorised 'back and forth' patient chair, as well as up/down movement to facilitate larger patients in comfort, and an optional motorised phoropter arm which positions itself in the optimum position for refraction at the touch of a button.
But on stretches where expansion is not possible, we have no option but to shrink road space for motorised vehicles to create new lanes," he added.
My motorised wheelchair could get on the lift but they wouldn't take me.
Mr Morris's larger motorised wheelchair is outside these specifications.
The motorised dishes can track satellites across a wide area and have proved a boon to European soccer enthusiasts.
Business co-owner Justyn Jones said: "There are a lot of people who like watching games played in the Spanish, Italian and German leagues who use these motorised dishes.
But not motorised ones - it simply defeats the object.
The motorised scooters are hi-tech version of the foot-propelled silver machines scores of youngsters ride to school on each day, but are powered by a small engine, usually a 22cc petrol machine.
Arriva - which operates bus and train services throughout the North-East - does not allow motorised scooters on to its services although Nexus, which operates Metro services, does.
The light covers in the art centre~s theatre hall shall be upgraded and motorised.
7- metre wide lane for non- motorised vehicles is part of the government's ongoing projects to redevelop all roads leading to Commonwealth Games venues.
Truelove, 67, is believed to be the only person to have made the 16,170- mile journey in a motorised glider - which uses a motor and propellor to take off.
Motorised scooter user Dorothy Tunstall is appalled she cannot use some train services.
A PENSIONER died after his motorised wheelchair was involved in a crash with a car on a country road.
SHOPPERS at a Nuneaton store couldn't believe their eyes when a motorised sofa rolled into the store.