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ride a motorcycle

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You can rebuild the whole bike and still park it next to a nearly identical motorcycle in a parking lot.
Moreover, growing number of organized motorcycle clubs in India like Harley Davidson's HOG club, Suzuki's Biking Lord Club, etc.
She was almost 20 hours into the race, stopping only for brief breaks for fuel and water, when she crashed her motorcycle.
As a 1991 report from the General Accounting Office put it, "society bears the cost, through tax-supported programs as well as insurance premiums, for the additional deaths and serious injuries resulting when motorcycle riders do not use helmets.
The total investment for the expansion of motorcycle production capacity in the Asia Oceania region by 2006 is expected to be approximately 30 billion yen.
Getting someone out of a wheelchair and onto the motorcycle for a ride, even if it's just around the parking lot, adds so much to his or her life experience.
Boat, motorcycle and RV enthusiasts often check telephone directories and Web sites for insurance providers.
From the initial design to the innovation of new parts, every aspect of this motorcycle was created with that goal in mind.
me truly believe in our technology and know that encouraging riders to go for a test ride-or rent a Zero motorcycle for the weekend-is the best way to help them experience the advantages of 100% electric power," said Josef Morat, country manager for Zero Motorcycles Italy.
What Cody remembers most about that race was not being the first women to complete the Baja 1000, but having to do it on a borrowed motorcycle and getting lost because some of the course markers were misplaced.
No alteration of the structure of the motorcycle is needed.
The Company indicated that it intends to achieve its 2009 goals primarily by growing market share in its core businesses, delivering operational excellence across the organization and generating approximately $500 million in incremental sales from several growth businesses including Victory motorcycles, utility vehicles and international operations in addition to some new adjacent market segments the Company will be exploring as future growth opportunities.
We are confident that the new line will exceed expectations and look forward to seeing how the motorcycle world responds.
Bain, a 15-year Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department veteran who died two days before his 46th birthday, was riding after a speeder when another vehicle pulled in front of his motorcycle at an east Lancaster intersection.
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation filed a lawsuit against Oregon State University, its president, and also against Stephen Garets, both individually and in his official capacity as director of the Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program of OSU, charging the parties with copyright infringement and violation of the MSF's rights under the Lanham Act.