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ride a motorcycle

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These are customized motorcycles for very special members of the Harley-Davidson family.
The motorcycle means everything to Pavelka's father, Mike, himself a motorcycle enthusiast, who still thinks about his rides up the coast with his son.
Jincheng has led China's motorcycle industry in exports and foreign exchange income for nine consecutive years.
Now that it's a winner, Stafford and Little will take Radical Simplicity to Japan to tour around motorcycle shows.
With the gathering of the worldwide safety community at our International Motorcycle Safety Conference in Long Beach this year, it was clear that the entire community needed a way to exchange ideas, as well as share current projects, programs and new information real-time," said Tim Buche, MSF president.
Get a valid motorcycle license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Joining the motorcycle unit inspired Barnard to stay on the job at least two more years before he retires.
Its unique combination of a sunset red paint scheme and blacked-out components are complemented by custom wheels from one of the leaders in custom motorcycle components, Performance Machine(R).
Because a motorcycle only occupies one small part of a lane at a time, and those are 12-foot lanes, a full-size car can occupy a lane with a motorcycle at the same time,'' Weldy said.
Over the next 12 months, Indian will focus on design, engineering and testing activities, with the objective of introducing the famed Indian(R) Chief(R) motorcycle in the second half of 2007.
This was just the second time the 21-year-old school has had a class just for women - who are said to make up about one in 12 motorcycle riders and 30 percent of new motorcycle school students.
Recent years have also seen an increase in motorcycle ridership among Baby Boomers.
Bleustein, 59, expanded production to whittle two-year waiting lists for its custom-made Road King and Fat Boy motorcycles to less than a year, licensed Harley's name for theme restaurants and added smaller bikes to entice European buyers.
Assisting the all-women team on their nine-day ride will be a MAD Maps scenic navigational route that will be electronically uploaded onto TomTom RIDER's portable GPS navigation system and then physically mounted onto each Suzuki motorcycle.
The Sparrow, a one-person, electric-powered vehicle that's part motorcycle and part car, goes into production this month.