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relying on an engine for propulsion in addition to muscle power

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Eugene code, however, classifies motor-assisted bicycles as vehicles, which are not allowed on city bike paths, Shoemaker said.
Once you've ridden one of our motor-assisted bicycles, you'll never go back
At a separate media event, Sanyo, which supplies batteries for Yamaha's products, unveiled two new products, including the world's first motor-assisted bicycle with a carbon composite frame geared toward enthusiasts.
Developed by our lifting specialists, the new Diana Driver offers motor-assisted forward and reverse capabilities to relieve caregivers from pushing and pulling the lift over carpets and through doorways, with increased ease and safety.
When the engine was accelerated from low idle to 1000 rpm, with the motor energized, acceleration time lag was eliminated and the motor-assisted turbocharger supplied the engine with much higher boost during the entire acceleration period.
The motor-assisted turbocharger can then be rotated at high enough speed to provide a positive pressure differential across the engine cylinder that is necessary for starting the engine.
The City's new, specially-trained Electric Bike Enforcement Unit will use electric motor-assisted bicycles to patrol West Hollywood and carry-out their parking enforcement duties.
Electric power steering replaces bulky hydraulic systems and polluting fluids with lighter electric motor-assisted systems.
City officials will hold a workshop to hear views on motor-assisted scooters Thursday at Campbell Senior Center.
Features include three full-sized slots for expansion, motor-assisted docking, Windows 95 compatibility, internal stereo speakers, acceptance of VersaBay II Paks, all the standard ports, four audio ports and as MIDI/game port.
If you want to have a say in the debate over riding motor-assisted scooters on Eugene's bike paths, set aside some time Thursday to let your opinions be known.
The City Council in June asked city staff to do more research on the issue and come up with possible regulations for motor-assisted scooters.
Eugene has rules that govern the use of motor-assisted scooters, but those rules are outdated, confusing and inadequate, especially in light of the recent boom in the sales of inexpensive scooters.
The Eugene City Council on Monday decided that it wants to hear from the public about noise and safety concerns raised by the use of motor-assisted scooters on the city's bike paths.
Motor-assisted scooters - small and sometimes noisy vehicles - are appearing on Eugene's network of paths, much to the irritation of bicyclists, runners and walkers.