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a wheeled vehicle with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine geared to the rear wheel


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You must have known the motor scooter was wedged underneath your car but you carried on for some significant distance," he added.
The club's mission is to rescue, preserve and restore all makes of motor scooter and offers expert advice for vintage motor scooter owners and enthusiasts.
The motor scooter has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and is powered by a 50V lithium-ion battery manufactured by Sanyo Electric.
Schwinn also donates 10 percent of the purchase price of the motor scooter to the Susan G.
A black motor scooter drove past her and a passenger got off and grabbed her purse.
Julie Brown and partner Sean Mizon were told their boy was annoying neighbours by riding around on a motor scooter.
India's Business Standard recently reported that Genxt Power India has introduced a new battery-powered motor scooter that the company's president Vishwas Panse said is capable of achieving a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour (about 16 miles per hour).
A teenage mechanic has been left devastated after thieves stole his four-week-old motor scooter.
With a turn of the key and a puff of blue smoke, the second annual May Day Scoot whirred to life on Friday evening as vintage motor scooter enthusiasts buzzed into Joe's Bar & Grill for a "meet 'n' greet" that kicked off the three-day gathering.
A Nottinghamshire Police spokeswoman said: 'Officers investigating the murder have arrested four people in connection with the theft of the stolen motor scooter.
plans to begin marketing this fall a no-pollution, noise-free motor scooter powered by a rechargeable electric battery, Yamaha Motor officials said Wednesday.
This time the icon was a toy motor scooter that had been blown up to adult scale (Untitled, 2001).
Grampian Police said yesterday that a motor scooter found burned out at 450-pupilStrathburn Primary School in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, had earlier been stolen from the town's Watson Court.
Nothing symbolized Europe's postwar recovery more vividly than did the motor scooter, he once proclaimed--thereby touching off a slew of stories on motor scooters.
His name was Brud Pierce, and he had a booming hot dog and soft drink business from the back of his three-wheeled Cushman motor scooter.