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a fleet of military vehicles controlled by a single agency and available for use as needed

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But promoting diversity can have tremendously positive results, as illustrated by the recent hiring of Lourdes Castellanos as Embassy Mexico City's new motor pool supervisor.
Day 1 CDAC, Phase I 0900-1030 Fundamentals of Evasive Driving/4WD applications (MOUT Classroom) 1030-1200 Media / CA Considerations (MOUT Classroom) 1200-1300 Lunch 1300-1330 Prep Vehicles for Operations (Motor Pool) 1330-1430 Drive Serpentine Course (Motor Pool) 1430-1600 Drive Basic Urban Steering Course (MOUT Site) 1600-1630 Review (MOUT Site) 1630-1700 Return Vehicles to Motor Pool
According to the paper, BGS considered renting vehicles instead of owning them, and discussed creating a motor pool that would have included public agencies in Portland and Multnomah County, OR, as well as Oregon Health and Science University and Portland State University.
The captain led the first end-to-end unit deployment by the 599th of more than 3,000 pieces of equipment with 100 percent in-transit visibility from the unit motor pool to the tactical assembly area.
Local South Carolina newspaper the Island Packet recently reported that Hilton Head Island's Town Hall has purchased two 2005 hybrid electric Toyota Priuses to replace two Ford Crown Victorias in the town's 25-vehicle motor pool.
The Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) recently announced the installation of a new ethanol fueling station that will soon be employed to power 60 vehicles in the lab's onsite motor pool.
Today, the original hangar, barracks, dining facilities, radio shack and motor pool buildings still stand, but are in disrepair.
Scheming Bilko, who dreamed up a series of schemes while running the motor pool at a Kansas US Army base, topped the 20 greatest sitcoms in a new edition of the Radio Times Guide To TV Comedy.
Scheming Bilko, who dreamt up a series of schemes while running the motor pool at a Kansas US Army base, topped the 20 greatest sitcoms in a new edition of the Radio Times Guide To TV Comedy.
18, 2002, 2002, CPD 157, in which we sustained LBM's protest of the Army's decision to acquire transportation motor pool services at Fort Polk, Louisiana, under the Logistical Joint Administrative Management Support Services (LOGJAMSS) contracts.
For example, under the President's directive, a federally managed and operated motor pool for the Department of Agriculture will have to compete for a contract alongside a Hertz, General Motors or any other private-sector auto-leasing company.
University of KY has found a way to operate its motor pool more cost-effectively and help the environment at the same time.
Now, a bit on the round side and relegated to the motor pool, he's still spry and tough enough to jump down and fix a truck's suspension when it bumps loose on the rough logging road.
He thinks being a shepherd to his men means fleecing them and that the vehicles in his motor pool are for renting out.
He has also changed the way the city's motor pool operates.