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a hotel for motorists

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Here, the park's Many Glacier Lodge (in dire need of renovation) and Swiftcurrent Motor Inn sit at the edge of Swiftcurrent Lake, which is surrounded by barren, jagged peaks, glaciers and grassy slopes.
Cheaper, though comfortable, rooms are available in the adjacent motor inn.
The new hotels, a project known as Mision Motor Inn, are on the outskirts of places like Laredo, Tabasco, Chetumal, Oaxaca and Nogales.
Jason has also leapt over his local pub, the Milestone Motor Inn, Bwlchgwyn, near Wrexham, 11 times on a motorbike.
At Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor, which has seen a 54 percent jump in enrollment in the last three years, administrators last year rented 40 rooms at the local Comfort Inn and Bangor Motor Inn and are hoping to add 10 more rooms next year.
Now he is claiming damages from the Barnet Motor Inn in Vancouver, Canada.
Certainly, Ashcroft's office is busy, but a quick check of its recent press announcements shows Justice had plenty of time for numerous actions unrelated to the war on terrorism, including settling a lawsuit against the Best Western Scenic Motor Inn in Batesville, Ark.
In November, Pettigill watched Bush give his third major education-policy speech in front of the Northern White Mountain Chamber of Commerce at the Town & Country Motor Inn in Gorham, New Hampshire.
of Transportation or Sheraton Motor Inn (tree is in rock wall fence) MOST RECENT MEASUREMENT 1984 CIRCUMFERENCE AT 4 1/2 FEET 269 in.
Valentine's Day, a Thursday it was, and shivery cold as a raw, salty Boston Harbor wind whirled westward up Huntington Avenue's trolley tracks to rattle the glass doors of the Midtown Motor Inn there on Copley Square's cheapside.
Reishtein, set up a double reception at the Treadway Motor Inn near Wilkes-Barre.
Caffary in Malta GC, worked for Cosmos Air Holidays of Bomley, England and then became an Executive Chef at the Wandlyn Motor Inn of Bridgewater.
GLEN CAMPBELL Gentle On My Mind / By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Beat Goes On) * I ONCE met Glen Campbell many years ago, when we were both staying at Roger Miller's King of the Road Motor Inn in Nashville, Tennessee.
14 East Wenatchee Motor Inn Yun Yoon, owner, Anjela
The swimming pools look like something out of an animated movie and there is no better observation about early '60s culture than this description of the Olympic Motor Inn: "Four stories L-shaped and similar in appearance to the Crusader Motor Inn a couple of blocks away the Olympic instead of a medieval knight sported a two-dimensional three-story-tall backlit discus thrower on the side of its western wing painted to resemble a classic fifth century BC statue.