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a hotel for motorists

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An artist, his medium of choice is motor hotels and business hotels, and he has other properties in Gwangju and Muan.
The Motor Hotel public house in Dorset Road is described as a "red brick building built in 1904 on the corner of Dorset Road and Somerset Road, in Radford.
Witnesses also placed Wilder in the area, saying they'd seen him checking out of the Proud Parrot Motor Hotel in Torrance on the day Risico disappeared.
The result was a gradual merging of the two types of properties into a new type of facility known as the motor hotel.
At the Holiday Motor Hotel, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in a comfortable, semiformal setting.
A year later, Marriott opened its first hotel: the 370-room Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel in Arlington, VA.
Beginning in 1982, a series of, shall we say, generous city contracts to house homeless families pulled the Pitts Motor Hotel out of deep red and plunged it into abundant, lucrative black.
The Motor Hotel, in Radford, has now completed repair work after a burning mattress was placed against one of the doors.
The Village Green was a "luxury motor hotel," the poshest spot between Los Angeles and Seattle.
A new training video commissioned by the La Ronge Motor Hotel is not intended solely for teaching the basics f serving food and beverages in a restaurant, said hotel manager Clarence Neault.
He bursts into the front office at the Pitts Motor Hotel, apologizes, then sits down in a maroon leather chair behind a large desk with lion-head drawer handles.
The incident comes within a week of an arson attack at the neighbouring Motor Hotel pub.
The manager of the La Ronge Motor Hotel not only wants to keep his pack, he's proud to have them.
LANCASTER- A demolition crew began tearing down the Dunes Motor Hotel on Monday, razing the first of two low-rent hotels that city officials have deemed eyesores.