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the cortical area that influences motor movements

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Highly myelinated, fast-conducting, large-calibre fibres connect primary and secondary sensory and motor areas, and poorly myelinated, small-calibre and slowly conducting fibres connect homologous prefrontal and temporoparietal association areas.
It helped the students to visualize how the nerve impulses were transmitted from motor area of the cerebral hemisphere to the skeletal muscles through the different levels of the brain and spinal cord.
In Torey's view, the newly autonomous brain can use the hijacked left motor areas to manipulate verbal tokens, which, due to their coupling with the corresponding modal percepts, now have representational content.
These changes include greater neural activity, cortical coupling and activation of the pre-motor area and supplementary motor area during practice of a complex motor task.
After observing the data, we could determine the brain activity in the supplementary motor area (SMA) for both left and right motor imagery.
The putamen, its cortical projections, and supplementary motor areas are functional system components for the required limb activation.
ABBREVIATIONS: ACC Anterior Cingulate Cortex BA Brodmann's Area MEG Magneto Electroencephalography PET Positron Emission Tomography PWS People With a Stuttering Problem PWnS People With no Stuttering Problem SMA Supplementary Motor Area
Dr Rob Wilson, of the Institute of Employment Research at Warwick University, said: "We have been seeing declines in employment in manufacturing generally, and the motor area specifically, for many years.
The watchdogs looked at the motor area, employers liability and public liability insurance.
The change, due to start in October, has allowed Jackson's Cars Limited, which has been established as a full Citroen dealer in Bridgend since 1993, to set up a specialist aftersales centre to look after its hundreds of existing Cardiff customers in a modern premises, right in the heart of the capital city's retail motor area.
The function of the so-called motor area of the brain.
One cools the motor area, and the other is unique in that it directs coolant to the jacket around the front bearings to reduce the effects of thermal growth and expansion.
However, men show more activity in a region known as the supplementary motor area of the brain -- which means better spatial skills.
These areas, the supplementary motor area, the pre-supplementary area and the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, are known to be linked to executive function.
SAP systems also receive payments from citizens and businesses in the motor area, forming collections of excise taxes, corporate taxes, VAT and labor market contributions.