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a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cord

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Interaction of serotonergic excitatory drive to hypoglossal motoneurons with carbachol-induced, REM sleep-like atonia.
Past studies have suggested that activation of the proteolytically activated receptor (PAR-1) by thrombin or the peptide SFLLRNP results in decreased motoneuron survival.
Human (-thrombin and SFLLRN(P), PAR-1's synthetic peptide activator and agonist, have both been shown to induce apoptosis-like cell death in Gallus gallus motoneuron cultures and in programmed cell death.
6 fold) in a Wobbler Mice Model for motoneuron diseases similar to ALS.
Assessing the spastic condition of individuals with upper motoneuron involvement: Validity of the myotonometer.
Sullivan SJ, Williams LRT, Seaborne DE and Morelli M (1991): Effects of massage on alpha motoneuron excitability.
The purpose of this project was to examine the extent to which motoneuron pool excitability, as measured by the Hoffmann reflex (H-reflex), is affected by generalized lower extremity fatigue.
This study demonstrated that arimoclomol-treated mice possessing a genetic marker similar to that expressed in ALS-afflicted humans showed marked improvement in hind limb muscle function and motoneuron survival in the later stages of the disease, resulting in a 22% increase in lifespan.
Tessier-Lavigne's lab will investigate cell death pathways and determine how they contribute to motoneuron degeneration and disease progression in ALS.
Differential activation among five human inspiratory motoneuron pools during tidal breathing.
It has been suggested that motoneuron excitation may be decreased following stretching, due to a reduction of the excitatory drive from the Ia afferents onto the alpha motoneuron, which is, in turn, caused by a decreased resting discharge of the muscle spindles (Avela et al.
This phenomenon has been observed in children, but generally cleared up spontaneously before the age of 10, no doubt due to maturing of the motoneuron networks.