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Synonyms for motiveless

occurring without motivation or provocation

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Motiveless attack: Job Wilding, who was killed by Stephen Newman (below) in a propane gas cylinder attack.
A VIOLENT car salesman who brought terror to a seaside town, by carrying out a series of motiveless late-night attacks on women, was jailed for a minimum of nine years yesterday.
Detective Sergeant Allan Burton: "This appears to have been a motiveless attack.
Cramlington neighbourhood inspector David Felton said: "The lights have no apparent value and these so far appear to be motiveless crimes.
Detectives have warned a "dangerous" attacker capable of killing "quickly and unprovoked" is at large following the motiveless murder.
The attacks appear to be totally motiveless by a stranger and both victims were knifed in the body.
They also investigate thematics of school tests (which Warhol sometimes |ailed); send-ups of final exams or pop quizzes, Warhol's screen tests transvalue failure's nausea into the giddiness of unadulterated, motiveless, lightly sexualized gazing.
To the economist, the anthropologist and the biologist, this motiveless benevolence is irrational, not justified by any of their analyses.
The unprovoked and apparently motiveless attack happened on Wednesday on Yewtree Road, off North Road, at around 3pm.
Relatives of tragic Bill Davis, pictured, spoke of their delight as Charlotte Frazier-Doody was told she would serve at least 20 years for killing the frail 92-year-old at his home in a motiveless beating.
He originally pleaded diminished responsibility over the "savage" motiveless killings last July.
Rosie Ross was just 16 when she was killed in a motiveless attack in Birmingham's Centenary Square in May 2001.
A 72-YEAR-OLD man was left injured and badly shaken after he was beaten by a gang of young men, in a seemingly motiveless attack.
He said: "This would appear to be a motiveless attack.
They were trying to establish if the cat's death was linked to the brutal and motiveless attack on its owners.