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Synonyms for motivation

Synonyms for motivation

something that encourages

a basis for an action or a decision

Synonyms for motivation

the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal

the condition of being motivated

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the act of motivating

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After collecting, processing and analysing the obtained data can be established that between motivation and sporting performance there is a interdependence relation, so that motivation can influence the sporting performance.
Keywords: motivation, success, sporting performance.
These studies revealed that attitudes towards a SL/FL were significantly correlated with motivation to learn that language, that various variables (e.
Spratt (2008) investigated 526 Hong Kong university students' motivation to learn different target languages (English, Putonghua, and French/German/Japanese).
It helps in building layers of motivation and different environmental factors related to each level of Maslow's hierarchy for motivating the learning.
Researchers in the field of psychology inspect the concept of motivation from a diversity of physiological, cognitive, and behavioral aspects.
Exploring the relationship between language motivation and language anxiety and their combined effects on language acquisition will help language teachers and researchers clarify the significance of these two variables in language pedagogy.
Anxiety and motivation in Foreign Language learning are significant factors that have elongated in the limelight of a second language (L2) acquisition researches (Hashwani, 2010).
The continuum dimension of Self-determination Theory has become a central topic of investigation within the realms of sport and exercise (Biddle & Nigg, 2000; Ryan & Deci, 2007); with researchers focusing on understanding the relationship between motivation as described by Self-Determination Theory and physical activity as well as psychological well-being related to physical activity.
Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can be sources of identity formation (Ryan & Deci, 2011; Waterman, 2004).
The main cause of employee motivation is desolate situation of their management, explained by the lack of professional competence of employees in positions of responsibility.
Given that the success of an organization depends largely on human capital and its motivating factors, there is a need for an actual analysis on both motivating factors applied in most developed countries, and on the possibility of taking them into the motivation system of employees in Romania while taking into account the cultural specificities of the country.
As in organizational psychology it is focused that not only the ability of a person but also the motivation plays very vital and effective role in improving the performance of an employee (Compbell, 1976).
Students with positive level of intrinsic motivation may show better results and higher level of satisfaction (Ayub, 2010).