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provided with a motive or given incentive for action

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Significantly fewer (29%) said making more money motivated them to start up a business, and only 19% cited a desire to get rich in the long term.
8220;Motivated Foods is thrilled to be named the exclusive New York product representative by BarVision,” said Mark Brooks, Director of Business Development for Motivated Foods.
Workers of all ages, especially the rising millennial population, are motivated by real-time feedback, fun, engaging work environments, and status-based recognition over tangible rewards.
Would she be more motivated to be healthy this week if she plans to consume many different snacks instead of the same snack repeatedly?
To be motivated to do something for a reason is 'being inclined to do that thing for a reason one (believes one) has; a reason that makes the relevant action worth doing in one's eyes' (56).
People are motivated by good relationships with bosses, collaborators, and customers.
For example, someone who is motivated by affiliation enjoys working as part of a team and thrives on people contact and the social aspects of their job.
However, many organisations fail to grasp that people are only motivated when they feel what they are doing is worthwhile and they have the capacity to learn and to improve themselves.
Consultant Adair interprets the work of Herzberg and Maslow to mean that to motivate, one must be motivated and select people who are also self-motivated.
Public performances often give extrinsically motivated students a sense of purpose when practicing.
Police say they believe the crime to be racially motivated.
Baranoff, however, said he doesn't believe that will happen, primarily because retirement-income planning takes real work that consumers will try to avoid and distributors may not be motivated to pursue.
6) Three crucial components necessary for predatory crimes are motivated offenders, suitable targets, and the absence of capable guardians.
Participants (n=291) completed a survey consisting of course-related selected-response questions, questions adopted from the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ), and openended questions focusing on their study habits.
CRIMES motivated by race, religion or sexual orientation will be prosecuted vigorously, Coventry's new top prosecution lawyer has pledged.