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Synonyms for motionlessness

a state of no motion or movement

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Butt wiggles were observed after a frog had moved to capture a prey item or immediately after a bout was over and the frogs were resettling into motionlessness.
The house at that hour was solemn, otherworldly in its motionlessness.
But among the visual responses to stress you may observe, the most telling is the impulse to freeze (that instant of motionlessness that precedes the decision to fight or flee).
84) set play at the centre of the learning experience, pointing out that the antonym of play is not "work," but "rigidity or motionlessness.
In the network context of global media, place has been a merging point of two opposing elements--remoteness and closeness, virtuality and reality, presence and absence, mobility and motionlessness (Jones, 2009: 487).
From above discussed, we can conclude that the STVH feature is more efficiently to cognize motion saliency semantics than motionlessness ones.
Fifteen photographs by Moukarzel and five paintings by Sakabe will be displayed in this one-of-a-kind artistic project, which shows how movement and motionlessness meet.
Considering the motionlessness of cysts and the absence of disease signs for mortality assessment, the symptoms described may be helpful for further studies on E.
Wu Luan does not move, embodying an extreme motionlessness in contrast to Wan's energetic exit as she sweeps out, her long robes trailing behind her.
The awful, gloomy motionlessness here is not tranquility.
In order to] obtain the state of motionlessness, the Yogin should restrain the breath.
For Amanda's husband, immobile and anchored in his chair, time similarly becomes an aporia of motionlessness.
iAirbag uses sudden acceleration as trigger that something has occurred, and then confirms the event by checking motionlessness.
Reality and irreality, chronological time and subjective time, motion and motionlessness are all opposites which feature in this narrative without hierarchical differentiation.
However, "life-like" we strive to make it and the frenzy to be lifelike can only be our mystical denial of death: photography is primitive theater, a kind of tableau vivant, a figuration of motionlessness and a made up face beneath which we see the dead (Barthes 31).