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an analysis of a specific job in an effort to find the most efficient method in terms of time and effort

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A Time and Motion Study is a scientific method used to analyse work procedures and determine the most efficient method of operation.
When all of these unseen effects are accounted for, the MISMO Time and Motion Study estimate of 15 percent cost savings seems low.
The filming was an analysis of a time and motion study.
The SETTLE study is part of the clinical development program of safinamide in Parkinson's disease, together with completed studies 015, 016, 017 and 018, as well as the ongoing MOTION study.
a leading developer of value-based RFID and sensor technology applications, announced that it has successfully conducted a time and motion study using RFID technology in accommodation of the Fair Labor and Standards Act.
For the motion study, loads are applied on the surfaces of fork head and blade.
Mr Dutton called for a time and motion study using 'experienced practitioners'--College of Optometrist examiners and GOC fitness to practise committee members--to determine a validated 'industry standard' and give guidance to help practitioners to receive sufficient time to meet their professional obligations.
The row erupted at the company's main Brown's Lane factory in Coventry when assembly workers objected to a time and motion study being carried out.
The time and motion study identified three main targets for improving the efficiency of nursing care: documentation, medication administration, and care coordination.
The ratio delay study indicated that 68 percent of the time the machine was processing, while the time and motion study indicated it was processing only 58 percent of the time (Table 1).
In a statement, authors of the People in Motion study, said they are looking at a wide range of measures which could eventually include road charging.
Charges to use particularly busy routes running into the centres of Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland are other potential options alongside better public transport, although no decisions have yet been made by the People in Motion study.
American Express' time and motion study indicated that cash tends to be the slowest payment option to process at POS (33.
After conducting interviews, a time and motion study, and checking claimant compensation records, it concluded that 80% of workers have been victims of verbal 'ground rage' abuse, 20% have been threatened and 5% actually suffered physical assault.