motion sickness

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the state of being dizzy or nauseated because of the motions that occur while traveling in or on a moving vehicle

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About 6-12% of American adults riding in fully self-driving vehicles would be expected to experience moderate or severe motion sickness at some time.
Buy a motion sickness band: A motion sickness band uses acupressure to stimulate your body's ability to fight off nausea.
She said: "When I'm spinning, I get really bad motion sickness so I'll have to take travel sickness tablets.
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Motion sickness is the result of your body sensing a discrepancy between what you see (when travelling, the inside of a vehicle and that you're sitting still) and what you feel (your body's vestibular system, which senses balance from your inner ear, tells your brain that you're moving).
If your child has motion sickness, use a booster seat so they can look out of the window.
While VEDA cannot comment on any specific cases of Apple's product design creating or resulting in motion sickness, medical science shows that viewing 3-D images can have unexpected side effects: intense nausea, dizziness, and vertigo.
A former director of NASA's Sensorimotor Adaptation research team, Charles Oman who has studied the origins of motion sickness for over 15 years said that it takes a couple minutes of sustained stimulation to activate motion sickness, and it is harder to believe that a small screen like that of a phone or iPad can stimulate queasiness.
Olympic medal-winner Beth, 27, said: "I'm absolutely loving the show but I've had motion sickness big-style with the flying number.
Movies suggests that only people who have a predisposition to motion sickness should really worry about being affected by the movie.
MOTION sickness is one problem that can spoil the fun of a vacation.
As I wrote in my previous letter, motion sickness or seasickness indicates the presence of free energy in moving vehicles.
ATRAVEL and motion sickness is one of those dreaded things that can affect many children at any time, even well-seasoned travellers.
Putting aside efforts to cure real diseases, like cancer or AIDS, researchers from the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim's Department of Wasting Time and Money, in Germany, launched 60 baby cichlid fish into space in an effort to decode the causes of motion sickness, Reuters reports.
A bumpy flight or a long winding drive by car or coach can cause motion sickness.