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one whose prevailing mental imagery takes the form of inner feelings of action

(of spores or microorganisms) capable of movement

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9%, respectively, provided the insemination motile concentration of sperm was >1 million.
Relationship between hyaluronan binding assay (HBA), motile sperm concentration, kruger morphology and pregnancy outcome in patients treated with intrauterine insemination (IUI).
Reported recently as a cover article in Development, a leading research journal in developmental biology, the IMCB research team identified hundreds of novel genes that are associated with the development of motile cilia via genetic screening[1] in zebrafish.
Men in the fourth BPA quartile had significantly lower percentage progressive motile spermatozoa in their ejaculate compared with men in the first BPA quartile (-6.
indica populations in the Caribbean and in areas of recent introduction are still causing damage, which suggests that additional mortality factors may be needed to effectively suppress the populations of this invasive pest, especially mortality factors affecting motile stages of R.
Semen analysis revealed that the total sperm count, total motile sperm count and progressive motile sperm count were significantly lower in varicocele group than the control group (p<0.
MacConkey agar showed non-lactose-fermenting colonies that were oxidase-positive, motile, and produced hydrogen sulfide on triple sugar iron agar.
2]S -, % id 85 Faible Indole -, motile +, Discrimination acid fast, C[O.
They found that the wider the variation of sperm length in samples, the lower the concentration of motile sperm.
However, her motile stories defy expectations in many ways.
Healthy sperm requires high concentrations of motile sperm of a normal morphology, within specific pH and fructose levels and RaMenX combines the nutrients necessary to achieve this in a single tablet.
The effect of obesity in the study remained nonsignificant after researchers adjusted for patient age, total motile sperm count, duration of infertility, diagnosis, source of sperm, and use of fertility medication.
He'd bought two huge watercolours, landscapes that had been abstracted from their original forms into patches of colour that seemed almost motile, changing with each angle of view.