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Synonyms for motherly

Synonyms for motherly

befitting a mother

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in a maternal manner


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She saw the ample, motherly form of Rachel, as she ever and anon came to the bedside, and smoothed and arranged something about the bedclothes, and gave a tuck here and there, by way of expressing her good-will; and was conscious of a kind of sunshine beaming down upon her from her large, clear, brown eyes.
Herbert had told me on former occasions, and now reminded me, that he first knew Miss Clara Barley when she was completing her education at an establishment at Hammersmith, and that on her being recalled home to nurse her father, he and she had confided their affection to the motherly Mrs.
When I had taken leave of the pretty gentle dark-eyed girl, and of the motherly woman who had not outlived her honest sympathy with a little affair of true love, I felt as if the Old Green Copper Rope-Walk had grown quite a different place.
The housekeeper's thin lips maintained their motherly smile; the housekeeper's amiable manner lost none of its modest deference, but the expression of her eyes suddenly changed from a look of attention to a look of inquiry.
The motherly care of the good widow assigned to Mr.
When they told her about the robin and the first flight of the young ones she laughed a motherly little mellow laugh in her throat.
Jessie was so earnest in her motherly anxiety that her voice faltered over the last words, and she hugged the yellow heads closer in her arms, as if she feared to let them leave that safe harbour for the great sea where so many little boats go down.
Though Griffiths was the same age as Philip he adopted towards him a humorous, motherly attitude.
She took the poor young mistress in her motherly arms.
I like your company, because I am alone here, and your conversation pleases me more than that of any other person; but if you cannot be content to regard me as a friend - a plain, cold, motherly, or sisterly friend - I must beg you to leave me now, and let me alone hereafter: in fact, we must be strangers for the future.
Before this, as soon as Kitty went out of the room in tears, Dolly, with her motherly, family instincts, had promptly perceived that here a woman's work lay before her, and she prepared to do it.
This moved my good motherly nurse, so that she from that time resolved I should not go to service yet; so she bid me not cry, and she would speak to Mr.
I had no policy in all this; you may easily see it was all nature; but it was joined with so much innocence and so much passion that, in short, it set the good motherly creature a-weeping too, and she cried at last as fast as I did, and then took me and led me out of the teaching-room.
March's motherly welcome, their cheerful society, and the comfort he took in that humble home of theirs.
After all, this is a restaurant where the chef and owner is an obvious Jewish motherly type who will bring some of the food out and make sure there's enough and that you enjoy it.