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I wanna talk to the man understand Understand this motherfucking G-pack in my hand
Well those were the last words that the barkeeper said Cause Stag put four holes in his motherfucking head.
Count the bullet holds [sic] in his motherfucking head").
And then he thinks, "can't even be doing that motherfucking punk shit out here.
Well as Tarantino's work lets us know it's a sick motherfucking world and we may as well get used to that fact, laugh at it, and go on our way cause ain't nothing changing - and that's Hollywood, the place where white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy can keep reinventing itself, no matter how many times the West is decentered.
This one kid started picking on him, and he was just like, 'Shut the fuck up you motherfucking cocksucker
Each on his side of the ocean dared their readers to try and answer the absurd yet unavoidable question that Himes spells out in no uncertain terms in his autobiography: "What motherfucking color are writers supposed to be?
It was nine o'clock and it was still hotter than the combined breath of a herd of motherfucking Elephants on fire.
And here's a cat, this JG, who fancies himself a deep intellectual, making fantastically learned comments on The Recognitions, and assuring his bland lady companion that all Krushchev needed was a motherfucking ORGONEBOX
One study showed that, on the person-to-person level, both men and women considered that Just to teach you a lesson I'm going to smash your motherfucking face in would most result in fisticuffs, an example of "fighting words" that are legally defined in some states.
So today, after going for an assessment on my ankle, I get my cast off and end up paying $170 bucks for a motherfucking aircast that I'm ordered to use for another four to five weeks.