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He had told me to "get the fuck out of here" and threatened that if I didn't he would "get up on top of this bed and jump straight onto [his] motherfucking neck.
I wanna talk to the man understand Understand this motherfucking G-pack in my hand
Risks--every micro-second, risks every ticking minute of every motherfucking day.
As @MayorEmanuel, an unusually hilarious fake Twitter feed, put it last night: "FIFTY FOUR MOTHERFUCKING PERCENT.
2009, retired from 27 years of grueling factory work, and now I owe nothing to any motherfucking bank, individual.
And I was just wondering what in the motherfucking hell that was supposed to mean.
As opposed to the young revolutionary, who looks around the room at Hoover's party and recognizes the rich, powerful, and famous people present as 'all part of the same motherfucking thing', Matt struggles to either identify or name his antagonist (575).
He gives it names, too, this motherfucking brick, but under his breath (the woman doesn't hear).
Since that afternoon in Brooks' frog, even though it was still my one and only time for such a thing, I'd been walking around inside my life with the conscious knowledge that I smoked pot: I was a pot-smoker, motherfuckers, that's goddamn motherfucking right
Team liked to think he was all motherfucking SOP, but he had chronic diarrhea and was always running into alleys or houses, holding his stomach.
Well those were the last words that the barkeeper said Cause Stag put four holes in his motherfucking head.
Say, look, this guy knows what he's doing, and the main thing is that he fucking hates the motherfucking United States government.
I find these whites whom I have to deal with so motherfucking hypocritical that at times I just feel like taking a gun and going out and shooting them all.
It's kind of hard to be optimistic/ when your homie's laying dead on the pavement twisted/ Y'all don't hear me though/ I'm tryin' hard to make amends/ but I'm losing all my motherfucking friends/ Damn, they should have shot me when I was born/ now I'm trapped in the motherfucking storm.
The swearie-word zhiniang he renders as granny-shaggin, leapfrogging over the too-American motherfucking.