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A simple recipe for success in that endeavor is an individualized combination of mother wit, detailed research and patience.
Pretend for a moment that you are a welfare mother wit one child and that you face rents far in excess of what you can pay.
Mother Wit from the Laughing Barrel: Readings in the Interpretation of Afro-American Folklore, Jackson and London: University Press of Mississippi, 1973, p.
B Records, and in 1988 made music history by being the first woman to have a Gold record on her own label, with the release of Mother Wit, which featured two of her biggest hits in years, "No Pain No Gain" and "After The Pain.
Amid the slew of pandering Republican mediocrities and flameouts seeing themselves as the next president, Sanders could have half the mother wit and moral power that has long marked his politics and still be a singular force for true reform.
In this understanding of humor, every chapter presents a topic about which black women have displayed their mother wit.
We received much of our wisdom from the mother wit of the smart old women who were the scions of slaves.
Powerful women with their earthy and pithy mother wit have saved more Black girls' lives than will ever be known.
While Cole's intention is not to preach, she comes across as a well-read educator full of mother wit to share with her students.
Mothering in the new millennium requires mother wit with a dash of hip-hop flavor.
The result is a play with dialogue constructed with Gay verve and earthy down-home mother wit.
From jigging veins of rhyming mother wits, And such conceits as clownage keeps in pay, We'll lead you to the stately tent of war, Where you shall hear the Scythian Tamburlaine Threatening the world with high astounding terms, And scourging kingdoms with his conquering sword.