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the superior of a group of nuns

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On the other hand, Mother Superior is more conventional in her delivery, which aptly goes with her austere countenance.
Thecla convent and held Mother Superior Pelagia Sayyaf and a number of nuns hostage, in addition to committing acts of murder and sabotage in Mloula town.
But Pelagia Sayaf, the Mother Superior at Mar Thecla, denied those reports in an interview with Reuters.
After Mother Superior reluctantly allows Dolores to stay, the audacious singer takes control of the choir in an attempt to transform the lacklustre and subdued nuns in to a chorus of dazzling divas, raising the rafters with their energetic and upbeat sound.
The Mother Superior said some as old as 102 were victims of a culture of mistreatment by outsiders employed as carers.
A computer was first brought onto the premises of the 14th century Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo, central Spain 10 years ago after the Mother Superior was persuaded it would lessen the need for nuns to enter the outside world.
Whoopi Goldberg will join the cast of the hit musical comedy Sister Act this summer to play the role of Mother Superior in an exclusive 23-show season.
The show, with Sally Struthers as the Mother Superior, comes to the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts Friday and Saturday.
While he devotes himself to tending to the sick, Kitty finds her calling as a teacher at a convent run by the caring Mother Superior.
In due course, Kitty's self-centered horizons are enlarged through exposure to the good works of a Mother Superior (Diana Rigg) and a gaggle of French nuns working to help the locals.
Which actress played the Mother Superior in the film Sister Act?
When it was done, according to the nuns, the Mother Superior sent one of the sisters off to find the man and thank him.
There commences a titanic battle of wills between the doctor and the Mother Superior, to decide the physical and spiritual future of the unworldly Agnes
Kramer has enlisted several respected musicians, including Dee Dee Ramone, Pere Ubu, Mother Superior (Rollins Band) and The Street Walking Cheetahs to record new material exclusively for MUSICBLITZ.
Club singer Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder and is put into protective custody in a convent, where she breathes new life to the church's mediocre choir, much to the shock of the nuns' Mother Superior.