mother hen

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a person who cares for the needs of others (especially in an overprotective or interfering way)

a hen with chicks

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So he leaves home to apply for a job as a nanny for the eight little chicks of mother hen Mrs Buff Orpington.
I set the mother hen up with a nest inside the cage.
The name Hen and Chickens is an easy visualization of chicks in the barnyard clustered close to mother hen.
A mother hen leads her children until they can take the reigns of their own.
My friends call me Mother Hen because I like looking after everyone," she said.
As I got a little older, I understood that the mother hen was only doing what nature taught her to do naturally.
She's like a little mother hen and likes to look after Lucas.
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Big-hearted and very well off, Anna immediately plays mother hen, sheltering the teenage immigrant from the authorities, bringing him to live in the couple's cozy nest (which she owns) and getting him an under-the-table job at her family's shoe factory (Mara also works there as a laborer, even though Anna pays their bills).
Dedio, appealing enough as the mother hen staring down his own demons, has the tinnest of tin ears where dialogue is concerned.
I know I was very reluctant to let my kids use expensive glasses, but by the same token it was unfair for me to not let them look at yon purple mountains so I hovered like a mother hen.
Originally, Mother Nature delegated this delicate chore to the mother hen, who moved the eggs as she climbed on and off the nest.
Zeinab is a "modern" woman who demands freedom to make choices while Owen is a mother hen worried that his beloved might be hurt by those who scorn her marriage by an Englishman.
Jesus laments how Jerusalem kills prophets and compares himself to a mother hen who wishes to protect her children under her wing when danger is near.
Our Christmas tree stood sentinel there, its soft branches covering our presents like a mother hen.