mother fucker

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insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous

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If there's not a shit and a damn and mother fucker on it, it's not mine.
As the director put it, he knew Sweetback had to be "entertainment-wise a mother fucker.
The captain allegedly said that suicide blankets "were too expensive" to order, that it would have been "just one less inmate we'd have to worry about," and that he would have to spend money to order those blankets "because one stupid mother fucker had been successful in suicide.
His Mexican-American macho is more '"formal," a family man who craves respeto even as he asserts power in the public arena by fair means or foul; this contemporary macho is less the great mother fucker than the chivalrous Mafia don, or the muy formal boxer Bobby Chacon.
The initiation was a mother fucker but I was one of them now.
When I moved to LA I used to write "ADMF" on letters I'd write home, which stood for Alabama Dirty Mother Fucker.
The surveys vary greatly in style, from the distant European critical perspectives of Andre Hodeir and Max Harrison to the casual, conversational flow of Amiri Baraka's essay "Miles Davis: 'One of the Great Mother Fuckers.
We're a group of Laser Vikings, 'tussin-sipping mother fuckers hailing from Philadelphia.