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Within two years after their landing, they beheld a rival settlement attempted in their immediate neighborhood; and not long after, the laws of self- preservation compelled them to break up a nest of revellers, who boasted of protection from the mother country, and who had recurred to the easy but pernicious resource of feeding their wanton idleness, by furnishing the savages with the means, the skill, and the instruments of European destruction.
Finally, some of the points were given in Sampson's favour, and some against him; and the upshot was, that, instead of being desired to travel for a time in foreign parts, he was permitted to grace the mother country under certain insignificant restrictions.
Burke's plea was that although England had a theoretical constitutional right to tax the colonies it was impracticable to do so against their will, that the attempt was therefore useless and must lead to disaster, that measures of conciliation instead of force should be employed, and that the attempt to override the liberties of Englishmen in America, those liberties on which the greatness of England was founded, would establish a dangerous precedent for a similar course of action in the mother country itself.
Pyncheon had visited England, where he married a lady of fortune, and had subsequently spent many years, partly in the mother country, and partly in various cities on the continent of Europe.
They were spirited to Asia, spirited to Germany, so spirited to Great Britain that the international attitude of the mother country to her great daughter was constantly compared in contemporary caricature to that between a hen-pecked husband and a vicious young wife.
Let him hibernate in Canada, his adopted mother country.
On emerging, Head of the delegation, Foundation's Vice President, Charles Hajj, said that they briefed the Patriarch on the program of the delegation's visit to Lebanon and their visits to the archeological and holy sites as a reflection of the Diaspora's young people's attachment to their mother country.
They also pointed to the need to facilitate the mobility of the Tunisian community who wants to go to Tunisia, in order to further strengthen the ties with the mother country and boost investment opportunities.
Coinciding with this commemoration and expression of gratitude for our freedoms we enjoy today, we laud the country's new breed of heroes, including the Filipinos whose names may not have been recorded in the pages of history, but who fought and defended the mother country.
In her young life Malala Yousafzai has emerged as a powerful and visible role model and she and her family have paid a high price for this in terms of Malala sustaining near fatal injuries which led to her whole family being uprooted from their mother country.
Endeavoring to understand her mother country, Sengupta highlights the lives and struggles of several people who reflect IndiaAEs changing profile.
JM Clement "Clem" Lewis, who made 11 appearances for the Welsh side, was one of only two Welshmen in the British Army team, known during the tournament as the Mother Country.
JM Clement 'Clem' Lewis, who made 11 appearances for the Welsh side, was one of only two Welshmen in the British Army team, known during the tournament as the Mother Country.
I am happy to see that many Australian Macedonians are interested in coming back home and investing into their mother country the knowledge and experience gained in Australia.