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the appropriate word or expression

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For Flaubert, the mot juste is an ethical as well as aesthetic ideal, a tonic for the "mots banals" of commerce, generalization and prejudice ((Euvres 1.
Even Flaubert himself, with his variations and his "frenzied search" for the mot juste, would seem to be far too pedantic for Arbasino.
Loyalty" is the mot juste in Israel these days: After the controversial bill requiring non-Jewish immigrants (and then all immigrants) to declare loyalty to a Jewish and democratic state was approved by the cabinet earlier this month, a new bill was brought before the Knesset last week that would require that all tourist guides leading tours of Jerusalem be themselves Israeli citizens who have "institutional loyalty" to Israel.
The 75-year-old explained in the introduction: "I have said and written more than once that, to me, my parents, in a sense, had never died, but lived on, looking over my shoulder in a kind of virtual limbo, able to offer a thought or counsel in order to assist me in a vital decision, were it a crucial mot juste or some more mundane concern.
for designated diction level mood mot juste choices for compositional
And "spell" is the mot juste for Donaghy: his poems are musical utterances (almost incantations at times) meant to ward off dread and the pain of loss.
Para conseguir la autonomia de la ficcion, Flaubert se valio de dos tecnicas que uso genialmente en la primera de sus obras maestras, Madame Bovary: la impersonalidad o invisibilidad del narrador y le mot juste, la precision y economia de un lenguaje que diera la sensacion de ser tan absolutamente necesario que nada faltaba ni sobraba en el para la realizacion cabal de lo que se proponia contar.
Pragmatic" rather than "pastoral" is Ratzinger's mot juste for the reformism preceding and following the Second Vatican Council (cf.
On hand to dispense advice and the always likable mot juste is computer programmer Max (Andy Killick), who becomes more pally with John than some in their group might wish.
He could unerringly find what Bertie Wooster,when consulting Jeeves, referred to as the mot juste.
Well, all I can say is that, if it were the latter, it would still not have been, in my opinion, le mot juste, but a senior Daily Post journalist, who has actually met the man, says incredibly that he is charismatic on a one-to-one basis.
Fortunately, Prince's commentaries and judgments consistently manage to combine keen insight and le mot juste in this five-star tour de force.
There is another possible hidden meaning in the Latin root of the word sex, which, makes a good case for set:, not gender, as the mot juste.
A missing comma here and there and the tendency to employ a wooly phrase instead of a mot juste oblige the reader frequently to reexamine a sentence in order to grasp its meaning.
The Distaff is the only race I'll be watching on TV because I ride Mot Juste for Ed Dunlop in the Filly and Mare Turf.