mossy saxifrage

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tufted or mat-forming perennial of mountains of Europe

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The taller types make good planting companions with mossy saxifrages, ivies and hellebores, while other good plant partners include hardy geraniums and hostas, or other plants providing interest later in the season.
After flowering, trip alpines such as mossy saxifrages and aubretia to encourage fresh growth.
QWhy do my mossy Saxifrages always turn brown in the middle?
For both styles you'll need to browse the Alpine plants at the garden centre for miniatures such as phlox, pinks, mossy saxifrages and thyme.
Old stalwarts like aubretia, mossy saxifrages, gentiana (look for the blue sino-ornata), fritillaria and aquilegia will fill more gaps and cost you about pounds 2 for a packet of more seeds than you'll need.
Its leaves are finely cut and fern-like and it looks good planted with low-growing companions, such as mossy saxifrages, hardy geraniums and hostas, or others providing interest later on in the season.
4AFTER they have flowered, trip alpines such as mossy saxifrages and aubrietia to encourage fresh growth.