moss agate

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an agate resembling moss with brown, black, or green markings

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bar] Finnish moss agate brooch [bar] Blue enamel brooch by David-Andersen
Prices start from pounds 3, and they are available in a range of colours, including malachite, rose quartz, tiger's eye, haematite, clear crystal, blue agate, moss agate and Chinese turquoise.
Crafted with hardstones such as jasper, moss agate, bloodstone and granite, the traditional designs can be had for as little as a few hundred pounds.
You can avoid nightmares by putting a piece of moss agate or tektite where you can easily touch it and if you need help to understand your dreams keep a double-terminated rock crystal close by your bed.
The Talisman range currently includes: the Royal Dornach in deep purple Royal Amethyst, a rare branched moss agate chosen for Carnoustie, smoky Cairngorms for Speyside's Boat of Garten, grey and pale pink East Sands banded agates for St.